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Points & Rewards Policy

How to Earn Points

There are a few ways to earn the Point for your favorite extensions:

# Way Point
1 Placed Order and Paid 250 Point
2 Subscribe to the Newsletter 250 Point
3 Review an extension 250 Point
4 Share an extension on Tweet 10 Point
5 Share an extension on Facebook 10 Point

How to Redeem Points

  • 1 Point = $0.02
  • Maximum Redeem Points for one order are 50% of subtotal
  • Allow Redeem Points if subtotal greater $15.99

  1. Please Login to see your point in top right .
  2. If your point = 0, please earn point in our site.
  3. Add extension to cart.
  4. In page cart, you will see box redeem point. Just enter number point which you want conversion and click button Apply Point This Cart.

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