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  1. Part Finder

    Part Finder


    The part finder is search extension for car, moto, printer, phone etc which client can search by Make Model Year quickly. If you need less or more 3 select box, please use other extension

  2. Rich snippets

    Rich snippets


    Rich Snippets in search results help improve your click through rate to your website. Support structured data types: Product, Breadcrumbs, Google Authorship.

  3. Seo Plus

    Seo Plus


    With many year experience work on magento. We are building extension Seo Plus for magento with features: Sitemap, SiteMap XML, Rewrite Url, Link Exchange, Robots Meta Header, robots.txt, .htaccess, etc... With our extension you can easy SEO for your site. It have all feature which you need.

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