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  1. Ajax For Magento

    Ajax For Magento

    With Ajax For Magento, you can use ajax login, ajax register, ajax cart. We hoping it will help improve speed your site. Also, you can enable/disable ajax easily for each feature in backend configuration.
  2. Color Search

    Color Search


    Color Search is extension special for your tool search. If the user like a color, they can choice it for search. I believe that customer's your will like result found.

  3. Contact Pro

    Contact Pro


    This is feature's magento. We want make it friendly with user. You can show your company name, address, phone, google map, etc... Furthermore, you can poll from user.

  4. Convert Guest To User

    Convert Guest To User


    Convert Guest To Customer will help you easy convert guest checkout to customer account. After convert, It will send email to guest with user name and password.

  5. Galaxy Coupon

    Galaxy Coupon


    Magento has a great built-in feature for sales and promotional prices. With this extension you can import coupon code from csv or generate coupon by your symbol define.

  6. Vendor



    This is extension accept someone create a acount vendor. Vendor can manage product, order, request add category, withdraw funds, view report, etc.

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