Magento 2 Best Hide Price Extension

We are excited to introduce for you 11 extensions (Hide Price - Call For Price For Magento 2) the best 2023. All extension was picked by experts of us. If you want to list your extension, feel free to contact us. We will review by scores, price, feedback from the client, search results, social metrics...
Vendor Extension name Price Description Highlight
MLX-STORE Hide Price by MLX-STORE $29 Our extension allow hide price & add to cart button for all product type and custom option price. You can replace price by text(call for price, get quote price, etc..) and link
  • Ability hide price for one or all product.
  • Ability hide button "Add To Cart".
  • Ability hide price with condition: category, customer group, or store.
  • Auto hide price if price equal 0.
  • Ability replace price with text and link.
  • Ability block product add to cart if product is hide price.
Magecomp Hide Price by Magecomp $29 With Magento 2 Hide Price extension, it allows shop owners to control the display of product prices for website users as well as encourage customers to register accounts on your site. Certainly, this tool will help you reach your customers directly in the fastest way.
  • Allow supporting multi-stores and multi-languages
  • Help hide prices for all products
  • Allow using custom button to replace Add to Cart button
  • Easy to hide prices for particular customer groups
Meetanshi Hide Price by Meetanshi $29 Magento 2 Hide Price extension hides the product price and 'Add to Cart' button for the customer groups and categories to provide personal approach & organize private sales in Magento 2 stores.
  • Hide product prices for customer groups
  • Hide prices for categories
  • Hide 'Add to Cart' button
  • Set custom text to replace prices with
Bsscommerce Hide Price by Bsscommerce $59 This tool allows hiding prices of products if users do not register or login account on the website. With this useful feature, customers will stay on your site longer to find the price of the product, which increases the time on-site and improves the user's buying experience.
  • Ability to hide prices from non-logged customers before viewing the products
  • Easy to replace Add to Cart button by a custom button
  • Help redirect customers to custom URL
  • Allow hiding price for specific product category
  • Able to disable price or Add to Cart button
  • Allow hiding for all products on page
Hungersoft Hide Price by Hungersoft $74 It's time for shop owners to select the Hide Price extension to encourage users to register or sign up for an account on your website. This tool helps hide the prices of specific products or all products at a glance. Hiding price has never been so easy. It also allows you to reach customers conveniently.
  • Able to hide prices unless users logged in
  • Easy to hide prices on particular products
  • Easy to hide wishlist and compare button when hiding prices
  • Allow showing notification messages as text or button link
  • Support multi-stores and multi-languages
Magerips Hide Price by Magerips $79 This tool allows administrators to hide the price of the product and the add to cart button. It requires users to register or log in for the price of the products on the site. This helps the shop reach customers more deeply and attract more traffic to the page.
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Let admins hide the prices and Add to Cart button
  • Allow hiding the wishlist and compare button
  • Help control the module easily
Mageplaza Call for Price by Mageplaza $129 Magneto 2 Call For Price by Mageplaza supports online stores to manage the product price displaying. This added module for Magento 2 is useful for specific purposes such as pushing buyers to contact to store as well as hiding product prices effectively.
  • Replace Add to cart button with multiple options
  • Assign flexible rule-based action to specific products or categories
  • Set price visibility to certain visitors
  • Support Advanced Call for Price Report
  • Allow sending email notification when a request has been submitted
Itoris Hide Price by Itoris $129 There is no doubt about the perfect features of Hide Price extension. It helps hide prices for products from your Magento 2 store. With this feature, it encourages customers to more easily access your store, increase traffic for the store, and improve sales.
  • Admins can hide product prices or specific store view
  • Admins may hide prices from particular customer groups
  • It includes 4 hiding modes effectively
  • Admins can easily control price visibility per category or product
Magikcommerce Hide Price by Magikcommerce $139 Hide Price extension is a perfect module to attract your customers. It requires the customer to sign up or log in to know the price of the product. In addition, customers can call directly to the store to ask for the price of the product. With these great features, reaching customers has never been easier.
  • Allow admins to customize hide prices on product page
  • Allow customers to get the confirmation email after inquiry form submission
  • Help admins hide prices from non-logged users
  • Easy to build the rules for enabling hiding on one or all pages
  • Help disable Add to Cart button
  • Allow customers to call to the store to know the product price
Amasty Hide Price by Amasty $139 Magento 2 Hide Price extension is a great tool for shop owners to hide prices with non-logged users. With this tool, it requires users to register and login to view the price of the product. This will help shoppers reach customers and increase sales effectiveness.
  • Allow hiding prices on product and category pages
  • Easy to show prices to specific customer groups
  • Allow redirecting customers to any store's page
  • Able to replace 'add to cart' by a custom button
Cart2quote Hide Price by Cart2quote $149 With Hide Price extension Magento 2, you can easily manage the display of prices of products on the website. In addition, it also makes it convenient for you to reach your customers and improve the user's buying experience.
  • Able to hide prices for individual products
  • Ability to hide Add to Cart button for each product
  • Allow displaying prices for logged customers
  • Support 100% open-source