Magento 2 Best Layered Navigation Extension

We are excited to introduce for you 9 extensions (Layered Navigation For Magento 2) the best 2023. All extension was picked by experts of us. If you want to list your extension, feel free to contact us. We will review by scores, price, feedback from the client, search results, social metrics...
Vendor Extension name Price Description Highlight
MLX-STORE Layered Navigation by MLX-STORE $39.99 Layered navigation will help customers find and filter product fastest. It allows select multiple values for each option. You can use ajax for layered navigation & product toolbar. Extension support filter by categories, attribute, price slider, swatch.
  • Use ajax on layered navigation & product toolbar.
  • Filter product by price slider, swatch, category, attribute.
  • Support select multiple values.
  • Use layered navigation on product list & search results page.
  • Ability search value for each option.
Mageworx Layered Navigation by Mageworx $79 It is very few people come to online store know exactly where they can buy the expected products. Therefore, Layered Navigation is the solution to help visitors to find out the items they want. To avoid wasting time, Layered Navigation is a helpful application with multiple filters to compare products easily.
  • Select multiple attributes one time
  • Restrict the layered navigation appearance on specific pages
  • Restrict the visibility of attributes
Mageplaza Layered Navigation by Mageplaza $99 Coming to a new place, without a map, it is so difficult for us to approach the expected destinations. The same as online shopping for consumers visiting your stores, they also need a map called the Layered Navigation. Installing Layered Navigation, all the options will appear on the Menu. Customers can shop by searching their interesting products with flexible categories, brands, colors, sizes, etc.
  • Findind by different product attributes
  • Flexible selection on Attributes
  • Advanced filter choices
  • Ajax Layered Navigation
  • Friendly SEO- URL
  • Multiple stores and languages
Mconnect Layered Navigation by Mconnect $139 Mconnect Layered Navigation for Magento 2 allows your customers to filter the product by applying various custom attributes and save a lot of time. No page reloading, display filter on category and search page.
  • Filter by Ajax price slider, Rating, and Stock
  • Drag and drop attribute feature
  • Ajax Load without reloading the page
  • Multiple attributes on the same filter
  • Best SEO and Product Filer Module
Plumrocket Layered Navigation by Plumrocket $149 It will save so much time for customers by installing Layered Navigation. They can filter products by various attributes such as color, price slider, brands. Moreover, without reloading page, Ajax filter makes store works faster with huge databases.
  • Filter without refreshing page
  • Fast running for all large and small database
  • Layered Navigation showed in any location
  • Automatic refresh filters
  • Working on any native or third party themes
Cmsmart Layered Navigation by Cmsmart $199 Magento 2 Layered Navigation extension will support customers to find out their expected items fast. It is also very comfortable because of saving a lot of time.
  • Finding products by different attributes
  • Various Attributes
  • Not reloading page
  • Multiple options on filter
  • Filter by price sliders and numbers
Aheadworks Layered Navigation by Aheadworks $249 Installing Magento 2 Layered Navigation extension which will help more effectively manage. It also helps customers by providing them catalogs with multiple products attributes one time and especially no reloading pages.
  • Filters suggestions with new, discounted, and in-stock products
  • No reloading page immediately
  • Multiple attributes
  • Counting the matching items
Manadev Layered Navigation by Manadev $399 The Magento 2 Layered Navigation bring on customers a comfortable and efficient shopping. By searching and the filters will help them to find out the best product that meets their needs about the category, price range, color, brand, etc.
  • Besides home page, any CMS pages will have layered navigation
  • Multiple options in the same filter
  • Filter with any products attributes
  • Advanced function
  • Friendly SEO-URL
Amasty Improved Layered Navigation by Amasty $399 By Magento 2 Layered Navigation, your store will be more satisfied with the customers. It will provide the buyers the product navigation including various filters for prices, colors, brands and other attributes. Moreover, speeding up the shopping process and connect customers to more products.
  • No reloading with Ajax Navigation
  • Filter price sliders, product attributes easily
  • Searching vertically and horizontally
  • Flexible options on the same filter
  • Friendly SEO