Magento 2 Best SMTP Email Extension

We are excited to introduce for you 6 extensions (SMTP Email For Magento 2) the best 2023. All extension was picked by experts of us. If you want to list your extension, feel free to contact us. We will review by scores, price, feedback from the client, search results, social metrics...
Vendor Extension name Price Description Highlight
Smartappsolution SMTP by Smartappsolution $20 SMTP is a solution that helps deliver legitimate emails as well as avoid being dropped into spam mailboxes and not reaching customers successfully. Do not worry, you will not regret using this extension. It's time for you to download the module for your site.
  • SMTP server can send email to your customers
  • Allow using any SMTP server like Gmail, Yahoo, Amazon Simple Email Service
  • Allow configuring and managing settings
  • Install extension easily
  • Support multi site
MLX-STORE SMTP Email by MLX-STORE $29.99 You need send email through Google Mail app, SendGrid, Mailup, etc... ? This extension will help you do it. We setup config(host, port, ssl ...) for Google Mail, SendGrid, MailUp, Amazon SES. You just input account and password for use.
  • Quick configuration for Google Mail, SendGrid, MailUp, Amazon SES.
  • Custom connect to any server mail.
  • Secure with Authentication(Login, Plain, CRAM-MD5) and SSL (None, SSL, TLS)
Webkul SMTP by Webkul $39 The SMTP extension allows you to customize and set up SMTP servers as well as select different service providers. In particular, it features test emails. These emails will be sent to customers and will be notified when emails are failed or successful.
  • Easy to establish SMTP host
  • Allow selecting different host suppliers
  • Allow sending test emails
  • Successful messages will be informed to admin for test emails
  • Successful mail will be informed to the receivers
  • An error message will be viewed for test emails
Landofcoder SMTP by Landofcoder $129 You are looking for a solution that can easily control SMTP in magento 2, you need to use them to protect your email from being dropped into spam mailboxes, the SMTP extension is an indispensable choice for you.
  • You can absolutely use SMTP Server
  • Admin can adjust SMTP settings in Magento 2
  • Allow implement tests before sending the email to customer
  • Email Log is controlled carefully
  • Allow Multi Email Sender at the same
  • Admin can easily export email to CSV files
  • Easy to block IP and test the failed emails
Ulmod SMTP by Ulmod $229 SMTP extension from Ulmod allows configuring and managing SMTP Email fully. Besides that, it also customizes SMTP servers as well as protects the email of the customer carefully.
  • Distribute the emails to customers successfully
  • Allow saving email logs
  • Including debug mode to make sure exact operation
  • Admin panel contains configuring and managing SMTP email
  • Include friendly interface
  • Support multi site
Amasty SMTP by Amasty $259 The SMTP extension is an indispensable tool for developers. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, it allows you to customize your SMTP server and port easily. In addition, it helps you reach your customers easily via the useful email marketing template.
  • SMTP authentication and connection are secured carefully
  • Allow you to use debug mode to check your mails
  • Possible to log in all sent emails and see any detailed message
  • Reduce the number of rejected emails
  • With common email service suppliers, allow using pre-defined settings