Export/Import use ssh & cron for magento

Table of Contents


From now, you don't need worry problem timeout in browser when export/import on magento. You can use SSH & CRON for all extensions export/import on our site.

Let me let you know how to use it:

A. Condition

- Your site used extension export/import of us.

- Your hosting support ssh or cron

- You must create profile for export/import.

B. Configuration

1. Params

- Profile_ID: You can find it through menu : MLX > Dataflow(Extend) > Profiles

Export/Import Profile

- File_name is file name in path (your_source/var/import) which you want import for profile.

2. Required

Profile_ID Required Required
File_Name   Required

3. Configuration

- Go menu: Mlx > Dataflow(Extend) > Configuration in your backend. Setup with format: Profile_ID,File_Name

- You can run multi profile in once time. Please see image for clear

Export/Import Configuration

C. How to run

- Please go to ssh or cron setup input command as follow:

php -f your_source/shell/Mlx/Mlx_Edf.php

- If you run in ssh, you will see result same image:

Export/Import result command in ssh

Your_source: is path magento source in your hosting.