How to install extension magento 2 of MLX-STORE?

Table of Contents


The document will help you know how to install magento extension and license key of MLX-STORE.

A. Download Extension on MLX-STORE

  1. Please go to our site and login with your account
  2. Go to downloadable page

    downloadable page

B. Upload Extension to Your Host

  1. Unzip package extension downloaded.
  2. Upload all files to your magento source.

    Upload file

C. Install Extension

  1. Open the command-line shell
  2. Go to path [magento_source]
  3. Apply the recent changes including the module installation:

    php bin/magento setup:upgrade

  4. Deploy static content:

    php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

  5. Go to your backend and refesh cache.

D. Install License

  1. Get license key via email(We was sent to your email which you used for bought extension with license key) OR go to License Key Page on MLX-STORE.

    license key

  2. Login to your backend magento.

    login backend magento

  3. Go to menu: MLX ~> Manage License Key
  4. Enter license key and click button Install License.

D. How to fix problem...?

Please check at here