Magento 1 Extensions

Magento extensions are categorized into : Sales, Catalog, Customers, Import/Export, Payment & Gateways and many other essential.
  1. Export/Import Part Finder (Multi Level)

    Export/Import Part Finder (Multi Level)


    This is extension export/import data for part finder(Multi level) extension. You can create data fast more create each item through website. Also, It can help you move data from an website to an website other fast.

  2. Part Finder (Multi Level)

    Part Finder (Multi Level)


    The part finder are an search tool for car, moto, printer, phone, etc... It allow create select box are multi level. If your product are cart, you can setup with many type easy: Make, Model, Year, Engine; Year, Mode, Make; etc

  3. Split Order

    Split Order


    Extension automatically split order after finish checkout. Split item have status "backorder" into one order and another order with the products in stock.

  4. Sales Plus

    Sales Plus


    The extension allow you change format Increment ID of order, invoice, shipment, credit memo which magento don't support so far. You can delete orders when you don't needed. Also, we will update function more in future.

  5. Switch User

    Switch User


    Switch User is an tool help you switch customer between the stores. You can easily change mistake when created user.

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