Magento Data Migration

You are running an online store and this store works well, it is ok. But if you are not satisfied with your online business in spite of using many software and application to improve its performance, you want it to have more features or to be bigger, we think it is right time for you to migrate to Magento eCommerce.

Why Magento eCommerce? Magento eCommerce is open source software which is released freely worldwide. Currently it is known as the world's leading platform for building e-commerce websites and there are a lot of well-known companies using it. With the advantages of open source and many other prominent utilities, Magento eCommerce gives users the flexibility and customization in managing information on the website from establishing content, changing the interface to integrating more functionality or expanding system.Therefore, Magento can help you succeed in online business. In addition, the best thing about Magento is that it updates constantly based on changes in requirements of its users. Thus, you don’t have to change the software when changing business environment.

But, how can you migrate safely from your current platform to Magento eCommerce without any data loss or inconvenience to clients? MLX will help you answer this question. At MLX, we provide Magento Data Migration service to migrate your e-store from any platform to Magento with a team of professional programmers and system administrators. The basic service contains:

  • Migrate catalog with full product data.
  • Migrate customers with full profile information
  • Migrate orders with full information

In addition, if you request, we can also:

  • Implement a Magento eCommerce store which provides similar and better functionalities to the old online store.
  • Integrate with existing third party systems.

Contact us now to have more information and start migrate your online store to Magento eCommerce.