Magento Performance Optimization

According to a recent research, there are 64% of online shoppers saying that they hardly visit a slow retailer again, 62% rarely purchase from the e-store again and 48% will buy products from a competitor. Furthermore, there are a lot of clients hesitate to establish their online store based on Magento eCommerce platform because of thinking that Magento eCommerce platform is slow and it performs not really well. This shows that respond speed is one of the most important factors affecting the success of an online store.

Beside, Google is Using site speed in web search ranking which means you can get better search result ranking if your website is fast.

Magento eCommerce is not slow actually, it just needs a correct and fine-tuned setup. Our Magento Performance Optimization service will make your online store fly lightning fast.

What we can do:

  • Checking server hardware configuration and advise
  • Web server configuration tuning, including Apache, Nginx and PHP-FPM
  • MySQL configuration tuning
  • Memcached and Alternative PHP Cache (APC) installation, configuration and tuning
  • Full Page Cache (FPC), Hole-punching and Varnish cache installation, configuration and optimization
  • Magento cache checking
  • Magento code optimization

We will help you avoid the situation in which your potential customers always pick the next e-store in the Google’s list to look for the products they want because your online store is too slow.

Contact us immediately to make your Magento online store fly now.