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Part Finder For Magento 2

Product Review (submitted on November 12, 2018):
We sell automotive parts and accessories worldwide and are migrating our store from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Our Magento 1 YMM extension could not be migrated to Magento 2 so we started looking at every YMM extension available for Magento 2. We came across the MLX Part Finder For Magento 2 and it looked to be the only one on the market that was similar to our Magento 1 store extension. A few features were different and this was a critical item we needed for the Magento 2 store as we needed to migrate vehicle fitment application for thousands of products or everything would break. After talking to MLX, Dan reassured us and said he could customize the extension and help us with the fitment import. What can I say, not only their extension works perfectly and they customized it for us and added some important features needed. Dan just completed the import of tens of thousand of product fitment data from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and it worked flawlessly. I cannot say enough good things about their support, they were easy to work with, very responsive and delivered everything we asked for. I would not hesitate to use MLX for other extensions or for any help with Magento development, absolutely best customer service. Thank you Dan and the rest of your team for helping us out with this critical project with Magento 2.